We research and has researched since year 2016 on a new mode of transport to other galactic coordinates based on time processes and on our first developed system software presented at www.softwares.fortunaway.com.

This will be further developed to make it able to be implemented in an totally groundbreaking new mode of transport for humans. First on earth and then for the space and by galactic steered coordinates via our developed system.

It is a new way of transport that uses 3D technology and 4D as main and then putted together with our software and development that will make todays space travel looking like antique sailboat compared to our plans and goals.

Already today we are able to collect very valuable data from exoplanets light years away from earth in a way that nobody else is able to do today. That makes us be able to analyse and see what’s the possibility to send humans to these exoplanets with our system in a safe way.

And also be able to turn back safe to mother earth.


Johan Way, CEO and founder.

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